How does REALTORS® Health Insurance Marketplace work?

Ready to get started?

REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace makes health insurance easy to understand and convenient to buy. The Marketplace is a comparative shopping site that provides NAR members with a roster of health, dental, vision, and supplemental insurance plans and products, including a private Major Medical health insurance exchange, just for NAR members.

The private Members Health Insurance Exchange is an easy-to-use mini-site within this website. Here, members can easily obtain quotes and purchase insurance directly online or over the phone with assistance from a licensed benefits specialist.

Here’s how it works:

  • Insert your geographic and demographic information into the Marketplace quoting engine.
  • Based on the information you’ve provided, you will be shown the options available to you on both NAR’s private exchange for members, and either the federal government exchange or your state-based exchange. You can quote, shop, and enroll directly online.
  • If you would like assistance you can call a licensed benefit specialist at 877-267-3752. They are available to you both during the enrollment process and afterwards as well, if you need help later on. Personal consultations are always complimentary.