How do I find my exchange?

You can either go to or you can contact SASid’s professionally licensed staff at 877-267-3752 for advice and/or direction navigating your options.

State-based health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, are a component of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   States had the option of a) building a fully state-based marketplace, b) entering into a state-federal partnership marketplace, or c) defaulting to a federally facilitated marketplace.

Types of Public Exchanges (Marketplace):

  • StateBased Marketplace (SBM) – State is responsible for all functions (QHP, Premium fees, oversight/Monitoring, eligibility/enrollment, IT, outreach/education, consumer complaint, In‐Person assistance and the call center).
  • Partnership Marketplace – Marketplace is operated by the federal government, however State retains responsibility for Plan Management and/or Consumer Assistance functions.
  • Federally‐facilitated Marketplace – All functions are the responsibility of the federal government.

Remember, products and insurance companies may be different per exchange.