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HMO (Health Maintenance Option) Health Plan

A health care system that assumes both the financial risks associated with providing comprehensive medical services (insurance and service risk) and the responsibility for health care delivery in a particular geographic area to HMO members, usually in return for a fixed, prepaid fee. Financial risk may be shared with the providers participating in the HMO.

HMO health insurance plans:

  • Typically provides coverage only in network
  • Very difficult to access care outside of provider network (need written refferal)
  • Provides comprehensive coverage for major and minor medical expenses
  • May offer affordable monthly premiums
  • May provide additional coverage for prescription drugs
  • Provides a wide array of deductible options
  • Typically has deductibles for hospital and surgical expenses
  • Typically provides great coverage for maternity
  • Typically provides low copay for doctor office visits (medically necessary and preventative)

A HMO plan may be right for you if:

  • You are relatively healthy
  • You are looking for comprehensive major and minor coverage
  • You do not want high out of pocket costs
  • You don’t mind going in network only
  • You need to access maternity benefits
  • Your providers are in the network
  • You want the flexibility to go outside the provider network in needed
Combining a supplement plan such as the REALTORS® Core Health Insurance plan with a High Deductible HMO Plan ($2,000 deductible and higher) can lower the cost of your overall out of pocket cost for hospital stays and surgeries.
NAR members have access to health, dental, and supplement insurance programs through the www.realtorsinsurancemarketplace.com; which is managed by SASid (Smart and Simple insurance development) who is a Proud Partner of the REALTORS Benefits Program.
SASid has helped thousands of NAR members nationwide find savings and gain access to the following insurance programs designed for members of the NAR:


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