What are the payment options for REALTORS® Core Health Insurance?

Online payment is the most popular choice; you can arrange for manual payments each month or you can set up automatic payments that are withdrawn from your credit card or checking/savings account. You can check the status of your payments online. You may also set up email alerts to let you know when payments will be withdrawn. Another option is to have paper bills sent to your address of residence. Extra fees may apply for this payment option.

Monthly Options:

If you have chosen a payment method of Credit Card or EFT your payments will be deducted from that account given on the scheduled billing date each month. It is set up for you automatically so you have the peace of mind that your payments will not be missed.

If you choose the offline payment option, you will then be responsible for mailing in the payments each month on the scheduled billing date. Payment coupons will be sent to you to help you remember your billing date.  Extra fees may apply for this payment option.


Mail payments to:

Realtors® Core Health Plans
P.O. Box 998
Janesville, WI 53547