Are Pre-existing Conditions covered under REALTORS® Core Health Insurance and is there a waiting period?

Benefits such as doctor office and wellness visits; accident, x-ray and laboratory benefits have no pre-existing limitation clause on these plans.

However, benefits under Hospital, ICU/CCU, Surgery or Anesthesia are not payable for any pre-existing condition for the first 12-months following an insured’s effective date.

There is a 30 day waiting period for services rendered for illness and sickness (illness or disease) from the effective date of the policy.

There is no (0 day) waiting period for accident related services.

NOTE: Please review your policy for any additional limitations and exclusions.

If you have access (states availability varies) to the PPO (prefered provider option) you may receive up to 40% on services covered and/or not covered (pre-existing, waiting period, excluded) by the REALTORS® Core Health Insurance plans.