Is there a provider network of doctors (PPO option) with REALTORS® Core Health Insurance?

You may go to any licensed physician or hospital with these insurance plans. In some states there is a PPO network option (based on state availability) which can provide additional savings on your healthcare, if you choose to use it.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) have negotiated discounts with providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) nationwide. By utilizing providers in these networks you can save money on your healthcare. The PPO networks are an option for you and are not mandatory, although it is typically in your best interest to use a PPO provider. Based on your state of residence REALTORS® Core Health Insurance Plans will add a PPO network (if available) to your plan automatically.*

The REALTORS® Core Health Insurance Plans utilize the MultiPlan PPO network.  The network has almost 900,000 providers nationwide.  When you request a quote or purchase a RCHI plan if the network shows up (“Quotes” or “My Plans”) then it is available to you (you will be able to search providers here also).  If the network does not show up then it is not available in your state at this time.  You may also call  877-267-3752 to find out if the network is available in your state.