After my short term medical coverage ends, may I apply again for additional months?

Temporary Health Insurance plans are not renewable.


However, if your temporary need continues beyond your policy period, you may apply for a new plan under the following circumstances:

  • No claims were incurred under a previous Short Term Medical plan.
  • There has been no significant change in your health.
  • You still meet the eligibility requirements to obtain a new policy

Any previous or current health condition or symptom will be considered a pre-existing medical condition that will not be covered under a new plan. There is no continuous coverage between plans — therefore your new plan will not provide benefits for any condition or symptom which began during a previous plan. In addition, no benefits are available for any period in which you are not covered by a Short Term Medical plan.


To obtain an additional plan, you must complete a new enrollment form. If the enrollment form is approved, a new plan will be issued.