Is a Short Term Medical plan considered “creditable coverage” under HIPAA?

Under HIPAA, Short Term Medical coverage is generally considered creditable coverage to help satisfy any pre-existing condition period.* Previous creditable coverage includes: 

  • A group health plan
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Part A or Part B of title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare)
  • Title XIX of the Social Security Act, other than coverage consisting solely of benefits under section 1928 (Medicaid)
  • Chapter 55 of title 10, United States Code (Champus)
  • A medical care program of the Indian Health Service or of a tribal organization
  • A state health benefits risk pool
  • A health plan offered under chapter 89 of title 5, United States code (Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan)
  • A public health plan (as defined in regulations)
  • A health benefit plan under section 5(e) of the Peace Corps Act

* State reform legislation may vary; consult your state for specific rights and requirements.