Do I have to use a PPO dentist to receive benefits?

No. All members and their covered dependents have the freedom to choose any licensed dental provider. The PPO providers available to you have agreed to negotiated fees, so out-of-pocket costs for the member are often much lower than using a non-participating provider.

As an added comfort, all PPO dentists have passed an extensive screening to ensure not only a saving to the plan but high quality care.

Not every dentist is able to meet Ameritas’ standards. Only those who adhere to Ameritas’ credentialing and quality assurance requirements are able to join and remain in the network. This process includes:

  1. State insurance department verification to confirm that dentists are licensed, and to uncover whether any disciplinary action has ever been filed
  2. Review of malpractice insurance and that no malpractice suits have been filed
  3. Legal department and dental consultant review of any license disciplinary action or discovery of malpractice suits.
  4. Certification of adherence to quality assurance guidelines as mandated by state and federal entities, including OSHA and the Center for Disease Control.

Ameritas re-credentials and conducts quality assurance visits on network providers periodically to make sure they continue to work within accepted parameters.

To find a provider that is part of the PPO Network, click here. Members can search for a specific provider by name, or search for dentists by an address or zip code location. Provider directories are updated on a daily basis. The Provider Relations Department has a toll free number (800.755.8844) to verify participating providers and answer questions about participating providers.