Who is an eligible dependent?

a. an Insured’s spouse.

b. each unmarried child less than 26 years of age, (less than 30 years of age for discharged military dependents), for whom the Insured or the insured’s spouse, is legally responsible, including:

  1. natural born children;
  2. adopted children, eligible from the date of placement for adoption;
  3. a grandchild that is a dependent of, and under interim court-ordered custody of the Insured;
  4. children covered under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order as defined by applicable Federal and State laws.

c. each unmarried child age 26 or older who:

  1. because of a handicapped condition that occurred before attainment of the limiting age, is incapable of self-sustaining employment; and
  2. is dependent on his or her parents or other care providers for lifetime care and supervision.


“Dependent on other care providers” is defined as requiring a Community Integrated Living Arrangement, group, home, supervised apartment, or other residential services licensed or certified by the Department of Mental Health and Development Disabilities, the Department of Public Health, or the Department of Public Aid.

Coverage of such child will not cease if proof of dependency and disability is given within 31 days of attaining the limiting age and subsequently as may be required by us but not more frequently than annually after the initial two-year period following the child’s attaining the limiting age. Any costs for providing continuing proof will be at our expense.