For a limited time only, SASid, Inc., the administrator of the REALTORS® Dental and REALTORS® Vision Insurance plans, is offering all NAR members the opportunity to waive 100% of the standard enrollment fees when enrolling in both plans at the same time.

Exciting New Dental Benefits

Join the thousands of other National Association of REALTORS® members who have found dental insurance with the help of REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace. With the new REALTORS® Dental Insurance plans, you now have three great plans to choose from (Platinum, Gold, and Value) with benefits available for over 375 procedures. This includes all new benefits such as 100% Type 1 (Preventive) Dental, along with features like whitening and orthodontia.

Plan Highlights


Plans include twice a year benefits with no deductible. 100% coverage of usual and customary on routine exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants. Coverage for x-rays once a year.


100% Maximum Covered Expenses: filling restoration, extractions, deep sedation, and more.


100% Maximum Covered Expenses: Onlays, maxillary partial denture-resin base, denture repair, endodontics-root canal, periodontal scaling, and root planing, crown and crown repairs, pontics, fixed bridges, and more.

Extra Plan Benefits


Professional tooth bleaching, also referred to as whitening. With this benefit, you can have a healthy, white smile that enhances your appearance and helps you feel your best.

Dental Rewards

Dental Rewards is an innovative plan design that was developed to reward members who visit the dentist yearly and use little of their annual maximum. It allows qualifying members to carryover as much as an additional $1000 of their unused annual maximum for future claims.


A lifetime-maximum benefit is available to dependent children under the age of 17 who are covered under the plan. A 12 month waiting period applies to all Orthodontic Procedures before benefits are paid.

Large Nationwide Network

Our dental network is one of the largest in the nation. When visiting one of our 390,000+ network providers, members can enjoy discounted fees on dental procedures covered by their plan. To find a provider, click here.

*Extra benefits not included on Value Plan. For complete plan details, please visit or call 877-267-3752.

Valuable Vision Benefits

As one of our newer products, REALTORS® Vision Insurance is growing quickly! There are two plans to choose from: a plan that lets you pick your provider, or a plan that lets you stay in network for added value (Eyemed Select Network). With both being designed exclusively for members of the National Association of REALTORS® and their families, you can be sure you are receiving the highest level of service and value.

Premier PPO Vision Plan-Best Value

Large Nationwide Network

With over 42,000 network providers in over 19,000 locations nationwide, you can be sure value is easy to find. Use this insurance at convenient locations such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, and more. To find a location, click here.


Looking to make an impression? Always stay in style with a handy $150 frame allowance.

Annual Eye Exam

Eye exams are crucial in maintaining overall well-being. With your annual eye exam completely covered, it’s easy to stay on top of your health.


Whether medically necessary or for your convenience, there are benefits for contact lenses.

See the Savings

1.Example includes premium anti-reflective coating, polycarbonate lens, UV protection on front side. Actual options vary by prescription and preferences. Savings based on retail costs of $159 for the exam, $199 for the frame, and $337 for the lenses and options for a total of $695. Member out-of-pocket costs include a $10 exam copay, $55 for frame out-of-pocket and $136 for lenses and lens options out-of-pocket costs. The total savings with REALTORS® Vision is $494, which is 71% of the $695 total retail cost without vision benefits.

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