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Starting in 2014; you will be able to shop for health insurance through private  or public health insurance marketplaces.

Members should contact SASid’s professionally licensed staff at 877-267-3752 for advice and/or direction navigating their options.  SASid can provide options through private and/or public marketplaces.

State based health insurance marketplaces – Overview

State-based health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, are a component of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the places where individuals can access coverage. States can build a fully state-based marketplace, enter into a state-federal partnership marketplace, or default to a federally-facilitated marketplace.  All marketplaces, regardless of how they are administered, must be ready to begin enrolling consumers into coverage on October 1, 2013, and must be fully operational on January 1, 2014. Given these fast approaching deadlines, states face serious challenges to making the necessary policy and implementation decisions.

Types of Public Exchanges (Marketplace):

  • State‐Based Marketplace (SBM) – State is responsible for all functions(QHP, Premium fees, oversight/Monitoring, eligibility/enrollment, IT, outreach/education, consumer complaint, In‐Person assistance and the call center).
  • Partnership Marketplace – Marketplace is operated by the federal government, however State retains responsibility for Plan Management and/or Consumer Assistance functions.
  • Federally‐facilitated Marketplace – All functions are the responsibility of the federal government.

REALTORS® insurance marketplace offers private and public marketplaces (exchanges).  The following grid shows what each state is doing regarding public exchanges and if a private option is available as well:

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