When should I enroll my dependents under REALTORS® Core Health Insurance?

Eligible dependents should be enrolled at the time of application. If you would like to add dependents at another time, you may but they will have their own preexisting condition limitation (12/12) clause (see preexisting condition definition) and waiting period (30 days for sickness related conditions, 0 for accident) to satisfy. Dependents enrolled at a later date will take effect at the following month renewal date.

Who is an eligible dependent under REALTORS® Core Health Insurance?

Eligible Dependent means:

  1. Your lawful spouse; and
  2. Your child(ren) age 26 and younger.

“Child” includes stepchild, foster child, legally adopted child, a child of adoptive parents pending adoption proceedings, and natural child.

Does NAR offer a national Major Medical group insurance plan?

In an effort to find a healthcare solution, many members turn to NAR hoping that the Association offers a national group major medical insurance plan. Although group medical insurance plans are available to corporations for their employees, “A” rated insurance companies have been reluctant to offer such plans on a national scale to associations for their members, particularly when the members are independent contractors and participation in a plan is voluntary. This is because of the complexity and administrative burden of offering a group insurance program that meets the differing requirements of the fifty states. Click here to learn more.

If you are in need of Major Medical; SASid (the administrator of REALTORS® Core Health Insurance) has experts which can provide you with a recommendation.