Why Should I use REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace? [Series; Part 3]

Why trust REALTORS Insurance MarketplaceWe’re continuing our series this week on why you should use REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace for your insurance needs. Did you miss the first two posts in our blog series? No worries, here are reasons one and two. And now for reason three:

3. We have exclusive products just for REALTORS®.

REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace understands the unique needs of REALTORS®. We provide members with products that complement health insurance, such as REALTORS® Core Health Insurance, REALTORS® Dental Insurance, and more. These value-added plans are just for NAR members and do not appear on government-run exchanges or insurance company direct marketplaces. They are group plans that are only offered to NAR members, and are only offered through the REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace. Keep a watch out for more products to come in 2015 from REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, that are designed with REALTORS® like you in mind.


Stay tuned for the next part of this series: Why Should I use REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace?